DrupalSouth Wellington 2023

The 2023 DrupalSouth conference was held in Wellington, New Zealand on 17 - 18 May at the historic Embassy Theatre. This two-day event brought together 169 Drupal enthusiasts from the Australia and New Zealand region. Attendees were treated to insightful presentations from industry experts across various tracks. The historic venue provided a unique backdrop for networking and collaboration. Reviews of the conference were positive, with attendees appreciating the opportunity to connect with fellow Drupal professionals, learn about the latest innovations, and contribute to the advancement of the Drupal platform.

Xequals was host to a jam-packed Code Sprint with over 50 attendees. Drupal is open-source and relies on the contributions of organisations and individuals to keep it constantly improving. A sprint is a way to focus efforts for a single day to really move things forward and make real progress. Sprints are a great place to put a face to a name and discuss common interests. Sprint tables are loosely structured by topic. e.g. Bug Smash, Media, Drupal 10 porting.

The conference organizers thank all who volunteered to make this event a success and look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Be sure to watch the videos over on https://drupalsouth.org/events/drupalsouth-wellington-2023/schedule

We are in Wellington in beautiful Embassy Theatr
Developers packed into the Xequals office for the code sprint!