» Who am I?
I'm an Argentine programmer living in Auckland, New Zealand.
I'm 26 years old with 6 years of professional experience.

» Drupal Experience?
I've started with Drupal 5 years ago :)
Roles: Site builder, Developer and Themer.
Drupal ID: https://drupal.org/user/440810
Drupal Portfolio: http://www.linkedin.com/in/eleonelbasili/en#profile-projects

» Co-founder and CTO of this projects:
http://generandoit.com (Online programming training)
-- subproduct: http://aprenderenlanube.com.ar (Programming videos)
-- subproduct: http://trabajoenit.com.ar (Search IT jobs - Hire developers)
-- subproduct: http://tecnoday.com.ar (Online IT events - Community)
-- subproduct: http://industriait.com.ar (IT news blog)