Well-connected Ltd at well-connected.net is an Aotearoa New Zealand company established in 2002 that specialises in intelligent business and information technology solutions using open source components. We develop and host web-enabled databases and online applications, offer software as a service, and provide technical consulting and programming services.
Our online applications and databases run on a Virtual Private Server hosted by ServInt, a high-reliability web hosting provider that employs multiple green methodologies to help customers operate with minimal environmental impact.
Being a relatively young company, our team nevertheless comprises seasoned IT practitioners with a track record in developing and supporting large scale projects and mission-critical systems on time and within budget.
We serve organisations and communities of practice in a variety of industries and sectors, including non-government and non-profit organisations and volunteer networks, and endeavour to
Be flexible and nimble always prepared to work to our clients' terms and limited resources;
Listen to and welcome feedback from our clients to continually improve and expand our products and services.
It is our mission to deliver intelligent computing solutions that meet business needs, quality standards, project time frames, and budget constraints.
Programming Services
Website design and hosting
Online application and database design, development, and hosting
Web publishing, content management, technical editing, proof-reading, database publishing, online document repositories, automation of document production, reports and reference manuals, full text search
Document conversion from word processor and spreadsheet formats into XHTML/CSS. Standard features include: table of contents, index, glossary, cross-reference links for document navigation, standardised document layout and design using cascading stylesheets
Online transaction processing
Distributed work flows and collaborative processes with real-time access to shared resources and databases
Data warehousing, extract-transform-load development, data capture, conversion, and migration, database conversion
Technical Consulting Services
Project planning and coordination
Business analysis and decision support
Data analysis and reporting
Data modelling, data architecturing, data model mapping and conversion
Database administration and tuning
Distributed systems architecture, design and development
Resource management and scheduling