Xequals developed a single, Drupal based replacement for three different Learning Management Systems used by Spark.

This included importing historic staff training records and migrating hundreds of third party training modules. This solution also included working closely with their internal teams to develop intuitive dashboards and reporting tools, as well as complex live links to their user management, org-chart and authentication data.

We continue to work together to develop cutting-edge tools to allow their new LMS to integrate with other business systems.

"Xequals has been providing services to Spark since the start of 2018. They have been wonderful to work with and have been instrumental to the development of a system that empowers our people to achieve their career goals."

Racheal Reeves
Learning Innovation Lead

The full article, written by the Spark Innovation Lead can be read here: "The Space Race to build the Netflix of Learning" by Racheal Reeves.



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