Float Business Solutions

Float Business Solutions is a brand new band of Drupal contractors who build web applications with kickass functionality for half the cost of Drupal companies. Our experience ranges from Government to small business and includes areas such as the police stolen vehicle database, worldwide business jet flight following, post earthquake police server infrastructure,   New Zealand and Tongan tourism.

We take your business process and turn it into a web enabled platform enabling you to run your business from anywhere including your phone.

We also specialise in building community websites just for fun.
- Check out http://www.motorcamps.com/ which was specifically designed to help tourists out while camper-vanning around NZ. Includes a cool trip planner if you log in.

- Yachts in transit allows yachts traveling to the pacific this year to use SSB radio or Satellite to send an email to update their position for weather routers, who give advanced notice of bad weather, and friends or family monitoring their progress via Facebook or the actual website.


We have been a little to busy, due to the nice weather, to get our website up  but you can contact us at [email protected]


We'll get a testimonial as soon as we can.