This is our website we made for ourselves. A bit of shameless self promotion. But there's some reasons why you all might be finding this interesting, because xequals.co.nz (in laymens terms);

Has a great deal of multimedia integration.

And in technical terms;

  • makes use of full back-ground video
  • has very extensive use of CSS3 animations
  • has some crazy alpha transparency going on
  • includes an integrated 60 scene virtual tour of Wellington: with;
    • social media scene-sharing for unique locations within the tour
    • print purchasing for buying certain panoramas within the tour
    • Google analytics tracking users behaviour through tours
    • HTML5 and Flash responsive viewer
  • unique front page sales video
  • sophisticated services and prices listing system
  • *soon to launch* a background virtual tour (a Drupal site in the foreground with a virtual operating in the background)

More features are being realised as part of a continuous integration strategy. A good website is never finished. We WILL have one of the best websites for any web design company in NZ, even if many more all nighters are required.


Finding time to work on your own internal projects when swamped with client work

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Xequals Home page
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Xequals Wellington virtual tour Houghton Bay
Xequals Wellington virtual tour Breaker Bay
Xequals Wellington virtual tour Scorching Bay