Terms of Use

  1. Registration is open to all Aotearoa/New Zealand based Drupal web developers or any entity working with the Aotearoa/New Zealand Drupal web design community.
  2. This is a registrar for SERIOUS Drupal individuals / organisations. Please, only list yourself if you are actively working with Drupal.
  3. Registration on this site is provided to developers and companies within New Zealand that are actively supporting Clients and the Community with Drupal based solutions. 
  4. Please do not submit any site that is "under construction",  any site with an address that redirects to another address, or URLs that contain the same or similar content to another site you may have already listed.
  5. The site cannot contain hateful content, violence, copyright infringing material, sex, or illegal content.
  6. Your listing will appear automatically after submission, however we will review your website, and if found unsuitable, your website will be removed from our search engine and web directory.
  7. Drupal.org.nz accepts website submissions ONLY from quality websites with good content and reserves all right to remove links at its discretion.
  8. Take your time to list your website to the right category and use the correct title, description and keywords for your websites.
  9. Webmasters may submit as many Drupal website 'showcases' as they like.

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